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Wonder if your students have a mature biblical worldview?

Most worldview assessments only focus on beliefs or behaviors.

The 3-Dimensional Worldview Survey gets at the heart, too. See the interaction of beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. See your students think about their worldview. See them seek to know and live a biblical worldview more fully.

We understand what it’s like to care for your students, lead them in discussions about course content, and still not really know if they have a firm grasp on a Christian worldview that they will take with them beyond our class.

The 3DWS has undergone statistical validity and reliability review, and principle component analysis. Dr. Katherine Schultz actually wrote the definition of Christian worldview for the Encyclopedia of Christian Education. Since 2011, we’ve worked with professors to challenge hundreds of students to examine themselves. We can help you, too.


It's all in your hands now. We got you here! Take the next step today and contact 3DWS.

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