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Solutions that help leaders lead.

At SchoolRIGHT, we believe in the transformative power of great school leadership. Our comprehensive range of services includes in-depth surveys, streamlined financial aid verification, and targeted development training to help your school thrive. Leveraging data-based resources and cutting-edge technology, we provide accurate, high-quality solutions that meet your unique needs. Most importantly, we're committed to being your ally every step of the way. Start the conversation today and experience the SchoolRIGHT difference for yourself.

Thousands of satisfied parents, and school leaders.

Unmatched in Insights, Customer Care, and Results

School Right


We offer an array of surveys to fit all of your schools needs.

SchoolRIGHT is the top choice for Christian, private, and charter school surveys worldwide because we understand schools! 


Our objective insights help identify areas for improvement and guide schools toward greater mission success, satisfy many school accreditation requirements, and promote productive discussions among leaders and constituents.


Trust SchoolRIGHT for expert survey services tailored specifically to your kind of school!

Paper and Pen

Develop Incredible Engagement With Your Constituents

The Parent & Employee Survey (PES) helps school leaders better understand their true areas of strength and challenge based on the attitudes and opinions of Parent/Guardian & Employee participants from a series of general and division-specific questions.


Ideal for....

  • ​​accreditation review.

  • goal, initiative, and tuition setting.

  • monitoring mission impact and success.

  • understanding parent enrollment factors.

  • assessing staff working conditions.

  • norming your school against others.

An Easy-to-Understand & Useable Report

Our thorough, easy-to-read, and understandable report offers clear insights to help your school excel and make informed decisions based on personalized data analysis.

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"This was the best information I have ever seen about what our parents were thinking. With this knowledge, we will make positive changes and grow our impact."

Doug Franklin

Trustee Wheaton Academy


Tuition Aid Verification

The Most Affordable Tuition Aid Verification on the Planet!

BeneFAQ is a secure online application that provides schools with an affordable, up-to-date, and on-time assessment of a family's financial condition and ability to make tuition payments. 

Our concise and comprehensive verification process assures accuracy of need, takes the guesswork out of granting tuition aid, and helps keep schools in compliance with IRS requirements.

Why Spend What Other Companies Charge? BeneFAQ keeps its prices affordable for schools and parents, and we don't hide what we charge. Schools pay an annual fee of just $40 (plus a one-time setup fee of $25), while the online application fee for parents is $35. 

Accountant at Work


A Step-by-Step Prescriptive Plan Built for Christian Schools.

Our unique online program offers a self-paced approach that assists Christian schools in establishing, expanding, and managing a dynamic and well-organized development office to secure sustained annual funding and prepare for capital campaigns.

Development should not be equated to a mere transaction or a one-time event. It is essential to avoid such misconceptions and instead focus on the proper establishment, staffing, and operation of a genuine development department within your school.

Christian schools require the proficiency to effectively execute fund development and achieve excellence in serving God's kingdom. This is vital for creating an ultimate, eternal impact.

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