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Development Training

Step-by step prescriptive instructions for Christian school fund development

About DevRX

About Our Program

DevRX is a step by step prescriptive coaching plan to help Christian schools begin, grow, and maintain a vibrant and well-structured development program for sustained annual funding and capital campaign readiness.

When you hire someone to take on the role of Development at your school, they need the necessary tools to succeed. If this backfires, it can cost the school time, money, and lots of frustration.

Development is NOT about a sale or an event. Stop the nonsense before it begins and easily learn how to start, staff, and correctly operate a real development department in your school.

Designed Specifically for Christian Schools

  • Start a sustainable development funding program.

  • Restructure or jump start a struggling development program.

  • Learn specific tasks and processes of a Christian school development program.

  • Analyze donor perceptions and guide your Development team (even if that is just one person!)

  • on the exciting journey into "Development done right."

Development is not rocket science; however, no one probably ever woke up one day and said, “I think I want to be a fundraiser.” This is a learned field, with a right way to do that which will make you successful.

Who Can Benefit from DevRx?

Benefit DevRx

When you consider the cost of hiring someone to take on the Development functions of the school who may not be completely prepared for the task at hand, the investment into DevRx from SchoolRIGHT will make a significant impact on your Development ROI. 

$499 per month for 12 months, the DevRx Coaching program offers these benefits:

  • Complete Developmental Audit report that will provide a realistic, immediate, and long-term funding goal.

  • Ministry Area Profile report that serves as a community reference, including extensive demographic data, faith indicators, primary concerns, lifestyle clusters, and six "Info Maps" used for neighborhood detail (not available for International Schools).

  • A discounted cost for the basic version of our classic PinPoint Survey of prevailing attitudes & opinions (full price $1390 – discounted to $795, for a savings of $595) 

  • One (1) hour per week personal video or audio conference.

  • Unlimited support via email.

There are no contracts or up-front costs. Onsite visits may be conducted as mutually beneficial and incur an additional cost based on travel distance and time spent on site. Please ask for details.

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There is no greater organizational need than to understand the necessity and function of development and how it relates to your long-term viability and success. Schools must have the knowledge to execute fund development with excellence and purpose. ​​​


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