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Helpful Links for Your School During COVID-19

As easy as it might be to shut down our buildings during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is likely more of a problem if we shut down opportunities for progress and improvement. Can this really happen during a hiatus from normal operations? We believe it can and we are collecting a list of some outstanding blog posts and articles to help you think about what is important - perhaps areas some schools have avoided altogether, or not known what to do.

7 Emails Your Nonprofit Can Send During the COVID-19 Outbreak Our experience is that most Christian schools do not think about fund development correctly, practice it poorly, or avoid it altogether. How can you use this moment to talk to your donors? Do they want to be asked for support right now? This post from Classy showcases seven types of emails they have seen from nonprofits responding to the coronavirus. These are solid examples of content that you can send right now to activate donors, drive virtual event participation, motivate your community, and more. What If Donors Stop Giving? Any time there’s a crisis of any kind, most non-profit leaders immediately worry that revenue will go down, especially now. We know that eventually we’ll get through the COVID-19 crisis – but right now in the middle of it, because this is such an unprecedented event, it looks bleak. How to Teach An Effective Virtual Class Schools are on the brink of embarrassing themselves because they have never had to do education like this before. Many are grasping at straws simply to keep their students busy and engaged. Unless your school is one of the few that already has an existing LMS (Learning Management System) in place, and is using it regularly, you are probably guessing at how to make instruction effective "online." Learn some good tips from those who know. This post was written by a certified Google trainer and offers excellent advice on how to make remote instruction work effectively and efficiently, and was written with this current pandemic in mind. Free Online Resources for Schools and Parents As families evaluate how to keep their children safe and healthy while still learning, here are some educational resources to navigate these unique times, including a list of free online resources and answers to commonly asked questions about homeschooling and online schooling. Map: Coronavirus and School Closures This is an interesting map that displays the forced widespread school closures in the United States for K-12 schools. If you have other valuable links to share please email those to customerservice@schoolright.net. We would be happy to share those with others.