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School Right Surveys

Make informed decisions with data.

Most Often Used For...

  • Accreditation Review (ACSI Standard 1; Standard 3.6; Standard 8.1)

  • Initiative and Tuition Setting

  • Monitoring Mission Success

  • Parent Enrollment Factors

  • Staff Salary, Benefits, Working Conditions

Some Features Include...

  • Attitude & Opinion Ratings from various sectors

  • Demographic awareness of constituents and community

  • Financial value indicators

  • Tuition Aid evaluation

  • Statistical Report (displays each question and scoring per participant groups)

  • Frequency scoring (define where scores tend to be located across the scoring range)

  • Comparative scoring for up to 3 years of previous surveys conducted with us

  • Net Promoter® Score

  • 3 open-ended questions

  • Video follow-up summary report

Our Surveys Will...

  • Provide opinion and attitude insight into various domains such as Philosophy & Mission, Governance & Leadership, Reputation & Atmosphere, Personnel, Student Services, Communication, Spiritual Development of Students, and others depending on your survey design and customization

  • Identify areas of excellence and caution/concern

  • Identify opinions & attitudes regarding mission understanding and accomplishment

  • Norm your school against all scores from schools we have surveyed in a 24-month period

School Students

Your Survey

Fine-tune the survey for your information-gathering needs with customizable questions. You may request wording changes to best fit your situation.

Parent & Employee Survey
HOS 360 & Board Self-Assessment
Culture & Leadership
Student Survey
​Parent Enrollment Factors
School Threat Assessment​​​

The Look & Feel of Your Survey

Your school colors and logo will be incorporated into the survey. Once distributed, the survey can be completed online via computer, tablet, or another mobile device. We will maintain close contact with you throughout the process, so you are completely satisfied with your survey, content, look, and feel.

Survey Summary & Follow-Up

Once the survey is closed we will need up to three weeks to produce our easy to understand Executive Summary Report that includes narrative and data comparison of  Opinion Sectors.  Our report will not tell your leadership what to do, but will enable them to make wise and informed decisions based on data.

Our Overall Goal...

OBJECTIVITY OF DATA. A third-party analysis of factors impacting your work can provide objective insight into issues that need to be addressed. 

CLARITY OF ISSUES. Staff and board members of your school have perceptions that impact their judgments.  Everyone has an idea as to what needs to be done and what course of action must be taken. Tools of assessment bring clarity to a multiplicity of issues impacting your ability to fulfill your mission.

UNITY OF PURPOSE. Having objective information can bring everyone to the same point in the discussion of pertinent issues.  It is easier to administrate change when everyone is operating from the same starting point.

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