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SchoolRIGHT proudly partners with Kjell Fenn of KFenn Education, an esteemed education expert in teacher professional development, to deliver unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. Together, we strive to empower educators with the knowledge and tools they need to inspire excellence in the classroom.


Understand your IDENTITY, VALIDITY, and CREDIBILITY as a teacher, through the TSDI.


Launch into deep learning of pedagogy, philosophy of education, and reflection through identifying your personal strengths as a teacher.

  • Understand your impact on students.

  • Enhance engagement.

  • Improve teaching effectiveness.

  • Increase self-assurance.

  • Strengthen self-analysis and introspection.

51occHVoh0L.jpg Engage Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom by KJell Fenn

Engage: Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom

Where was this book when I was in teacher-education? The required books on the teaching craft were dry, sterile, and honestly bored you to sleep. Kjell manages to do something in a quick, accessible read where numerous authors have failed. Marrying the "technical" teaching philosophical foundations to real-life teaching scenarios. He had me from the start and his sprinkles of humor along with great suggestions on teaching practices kept my pen and highlighter humming. So to you College Teacher-educators looking for a refresh...please look no further than ENGAGE! Your future educators and students will thank you!

5 Parts, 18 Keys, 102 Strategies.

5 Parts

The first key to redirecting a student's motivation is to arouse an eager want. Motivation is something we are always "doing" - there is no such thing as an unmotivated student, just students whose motivation is directed somewhere else. Thus, as teachers, we have to engage the students by arousing in the students a desire to learn. There are 18 strategies to help in arousing an eager want.

Teacher and Pupil

Part 1

"Is It Worth It?" explains briefly the theory of motivation that deals with what kids expect to get out of a lesson, topic, or task and their perceived reward; thus, is it worth it? Do the students find worth in the lesson, topic, or task? The chapters in Part I detail ways to engage kids. There are 20 strategies explained to help you show the worth of the lesson, topic, or task.

Reach the Top

Part 4

"Goal!" describes the impact of goals and goal-setting. Our brains are hard-wired to seek meaning and order in situations. A powerful way to satisfy the need for meaning is to set and accomplish goals. The theoretical base for these chapters is achievement-goal theory. There are 5 strategies to help kids get a "Goal!".


Part 2

"I Can Do It!", describes a student's need to belief in his abilities, called self-efficacy. A strong sense of self-efficacy has been shown to boost student achievement greatly. When a student believes he can do well, he will do his best to do so. As a student feels that she can accomplish the task, she will work with that mindset. There are 11 strategies in increasing a student's self-efficacy.

Young Professor

Part 5

"Love Your Job!" It explains the influence that emphasizing effort, creating hope, showing respect, demonstrating care, and expressing enthusiasm have on a student and in a classroom. There are 29 strategies to help you use your passion for teaching to engage students.

Teacher and Class

Part 3

"Am I Good Enough?" It explains that people do things to establish and maintain a positive self-image or a sense of self-worth. This is not to be confused with a shallow self-esteem, but a human motivation to do things that display our worth. If we get our students, then, to know that they are "good" (e.g., they can perform well, they are able to do the tasks, etc.), they will act in that manner. There are 10 strategies in increasing a student's self-worth.

Who is Kjell Fenn?

"I am passionate about teaching teachers."

My goal is to make every teacher more effective than before our meeting. As a classroom teacher I strove to make the lessons engaging so that my students involved themselves in the learning. As a presenter, I bring that same dynamic style so that I am teaching the way I want the teachers to teach. It is vital to teach the way we want to be taught. When I present for schools, whether in-person or virtual, I am using the very strategies that I am teaching. 

It is important to me that the environment that I create, the climate and culture of the session is not only conducive to participation but actually accentuates the learning. Engagement is more than a dog-and-pony show. Engagement is full cognitive, emotional, and volitional involvement.

- Kjell Fenn

Kjell Fenn - Book signing.jpeg

Kjell Fenn, M.Ed, M.A., Author &  TSDI innovator and internationally known thought leader in pedagogical methods, classroom management, and professional development strategies. He currently serves as Headmaster of New Covenant Academy in Mansfield, PA, and a Senior Consultant with the GLOBAL School Consulting Group. You can purchase his book, Engage: Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom, on Amazon.

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