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Identity. Validity. Credibility.

SchoolRIGHT, LLC, is proud to partner with Kjell Fenn, esteemed education expert in teacher professional development.

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Delivering unparalleled experience, creativity, and innovative solutions. Together, we strive to empower educators with the knowledge and tools they need to inspire excellence in the classroom.


Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom

5 Parts, 18 Keys, 102 Strategies!


"Where was this book when I was in teacher education? The required books on the teaching craft were dry, sterile, and honestly bored you to sleep. Kjell manages to do something in a quick, accessible read where numerous authors have failed.”


"This book had me from the start. The sprinkles of humor along with great suggestions on teaching practices kept my pen and highlighter humming.”


"Great ideas and strategies to support classroom teachers! From new to seasoned teacher professionals, this book will be a tremendous help." 


Take the FREE Teacher Self-Discovery Inventory

Understand your IDENTITY, VALIDITY, and CREDIBILITY as a teacher, through the TSDI. Launch into deep learning of pedagogy, philosophy of education, and reflection through identifying your personal strengths as a teacher.


The TSDI is a teacher self-assessment.  There is a free personalized results report and two paid full reports.

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Free Report

The report provides your TSDI scores, identified teacher type, teacher style, type and style blend, and level of fit. This report is completely FREE!


Essential Report

The report highlights your identified teacher type, teacher style, and teacher type and style blend creating a unique snapshot of who you are as a teacher.



Professional Report

The report  boasts all of the Essential Report plus a Scholars PD Plan, a unique professional development plan designed specifically for you based on your TSDI results


Who is Kjell Fenn?

​My goal is to make every teacher more effective than before our meeting. As a classroom teacher, I strove to make the lessons engaging so that my students involved themselves in the learning. As a presenter, I bring that same dynamic style so that I am teaching the way I want the teachers to teach. It is vital to teach the way we want to be taught. When I present for schools, whether in-person or virtual, I am using the very strategies that I am teaching. 

It is important to me that the environment that I create, the climate and culture of the session is not only conducive to participation but actually accentuates the learning. Engagement is more than a dog-and-pony show. Engagement is full cognitive, emotional, and volitional involvement.

- Kjell Fenn

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Kjell Fenn, M.Ed, M.A., Author &  TSDI innovator and internationally known thought-leader in pedagogical methods, classroom management, and professional development strategies. Kjell is an Assistant Professor of Education and Teaching Consultant at Liberty University's Center for Teaching Excellence. He has served in many capacities in schools such as teacher, coach, curriculum coordinator, and head of school, and is also a Senior Consultant with the GLOBAL School Consulting Group. You can purchase his book, Engage: Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom, on Amazon.

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