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Effective. Structured. Systematic. Practical.

SchoolRight, LLC, is pleased to partner with Dr. David A. Wells in Board Development & Training!

School boards need training!  Appropriate professional training is required and necessary for teachers, principals, and administrators, yet few boards or board members have ever received any training for their role! Board training is equally required and necessary. 

Effective Organization Structures and Systems

Dr. David A. Wells is an expert with extensive global experience in helping schools design and implement organizational structures and systems. His work ensures that these structures and systems respect the core principles of the school’s mission and operational plan while incorporating best practices. The goal is to maximize the school's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its desired outcomes.

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  1. Designing Organizational Structures (including governance boards): Creating a clear, efficient hierarchy and framework for the school’s operations.

  2. Implementing Systems: Introducing and optimizing processes and workflows that support the school’s goals.

  3. Training School Boards: Providing guidance and training to school boards to ensure they function effectively and support the school's mission.

Board Development

Dr. Wells and SchoolRIGHT's Board Development process addresses the following critical board governance needs:

  • Adhering to foundational governance principles.

  • Clarifying misconceptions about the collective role of the board.

  • Recognizing and eliminating poor and ineffective practices.

  • Clearly defining Board and Head of School responsibilities.

  • Implementing effective self-evaluation methods.

"Dr. Wells has been a lifeline for me. Leading a school in today's environment is challenging. Dr. Wells has provided invaluable guidance, sage wisdom, practical advice, all while pointing me to Jesus Christ. I highly recommend Dr. Wells as an educational consultant."

Dr. Andrew Zawacki | Head of School | Arborbrook Christian Academy, NC

Dr. David A. Wells

As the Principal & Executive Consultant of GLOBAL School Consulting Group, David’s experience in educational and organizational leadership is broad and deep, including leadership of schools in Puerto Rico, New York, and Ecuador. David served as an Executive Consultant and Vice President for the Global Division of PAIDEIA, Inc. for several years, and is recognized as an Associated Consultant with the Council of International Schools.  In addition to his work in consulting, David is an adjunct professor in a graduate program for international educators (SUNY Buffalo), and at Gordon College in their program for equipping school leaders. He chairs three school boards and is a member of two foundation boards.  David is also a plenary speaker, presenting workshops and seminars on school ownership, governance, leadership, and strategic planning.

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