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Hundreds of Schools Served Worldwide!

With unwavering dedication to your school's unique size, cause, and mission, our niche services drive excellence, accountability, and continual improvement through accurate, high-quality data-driven solutions. Most importantly, we're your steadfast ally every step of the way. Begin the journey today!

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Committed to School Excellence & Accountability

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SchoolRIGHT Surveys

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."

~ ​Deming

Our surveys have helped schools of all kinds take a deep and detailed look at prevailing attitudes and opinions of staff and families in nearly every component of operations. 

Our surveys assist schools in meeting, maintaining, and exceeding various accreditation standards and are benchmarked against data from multiple school clients.

Our surveys are personalized and focused on you and your needs, uncovering areas of neglect and pointing you toward opportunities for increasing excellence.

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Our array of school surveys are designed to provide the insights necessary for optimizing your school's accountability and performance.

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From initial consultation through the results debrief, SchoolRIGHT provided excellent customer service and a final product we will use to serve our own community better, immediately and in the future.


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Monte Vista Christian School, CA

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