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Conduct Surveys with Ease, Use Data with Confidence

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"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." 

~ ​Deming

Let's face it, schools know they should survey but aren't sure how to begin or who to call upon for help. They often think they can use their own set of standards and ideas, but are completely lost on what to do next.

Attempting to conduct surveys on your own introduces numerous limitations and challenges and using a system that lacks understanding of school dynamics can amplify these issues, especially in reporting. And, who wouldn't agree that there's nothing more frustrating than having a bunch of data without clarity on actionable next steps?

Our niche surveys are dedicated to the unique mission, cause, and size of your school, through accurate, high-quality, and easily understood data-driven solutions. WE'RE YOUR STEADFAST ALLY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

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Our surveys ensure impartial and unbiased data collection for accurate and reliable results.


Our surveys ensure precise understanding of key issues, powering effective solutions.


Our surveys help align vision, collaboration, decision-making, and cohesiveness .

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From initial consultation through the results debrief, SchoolRIGHT provided excellent customer service and a final product we will use to serve our own community better, immediately and in the future.


Nikki Daniels

Monte Vista Christian School, CA

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