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Make Informed Decision with Data

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." ~ ​Deming

School Right Surveys
School Students

Committed to School Excellence

Schools of all sizes rely on our annual surveys to measure parent and employee satisfaction across multiple areas. Our surveys assist schools in meeting, maintaining, and exceeding various accreditation standards and are benchmarked against data from multiple school clients.

Our data collection and analysis process will assist leaders in making quick and effective decisions. Our reports include an overall summary of strengths and concerns, ratings and comparisons of various groups, detailed item ratings, and segmented open-ended responses. Additionally, a complimentary one-hour video or phone consultation of the survey report is provided.

Third-party analysis of critical factors is essential for your work and insight into issues that need to be addressed. Our surveys will provide you with a clear focus on multiple issues that impact your ability to achieve your mission effectively. It becomes easier to implement changes when there is a shared understanding of the current situation.

Objectivity. Clarity. Unity.

Understandable Data Analysis

Why Is SchoolRIGHT Right for You?

SchoolRIGHT is the premier choice for Christian, private, and charter schools WORLDWIDE! We specialize in providing survey services that are tailored to the needs of schools and understand your goals and priorities. We do not offer survey services for other industries.


Our proprietary survey tools and partnerships with industry experts allow us to offer a wide range of options specifically designed for the school environment. When it comes to survey services, you won't find a better option than SchoolRIGHT.


You can trust SchoolRIGHT to help you objectively evaluate attitudes and opinions, assess organizational progress, and enhance teaching strategies and practices, all aligned with your mission-critical goals from start to finish.

  • ​Gain objective insight.

  • Uncover areas of neglect.

  • Point your school toward increased excellence.

  • Bring everyone to the same point of discussion.  

  • Unpack data in an easy and useable format.

  • Satisfy many accreditation requirements.

Order Ministry Area Demographics & Maps Through Us!

It is not recommended to conduct surveys on your own. SchoolRIGHT can assist you with any survey needs, whether you are a school with a project or a consultant working with a school client. We provide complete survey services, including data collection, analysis, reporting, and coaching. Trust the professionals at SchoolRIGHT to handle the hard work for you.

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The data we gain from the SchoolRIGHT surveys has allowed our leadership team to be strategic about improvements. We have used this information for steady progress on schoolwide improvement.

Brian Bell | Redlands Christian Schools, CA

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