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"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." ~ ​Deming

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Schools large and small use us on an annual basis to keep track of parent and employee satisfaction across a variety of domains. Our surveys help schools meet, maintain, and exceed many accreditation requirements and are normed against data from dozens of school clients.

The data collected and analysis performed will help leaders
expedite & facilitate decision-making. Our reports provide an overall summary of strengths & concerns, ratings and comparisons of all variable groupings, ratings of all detailed items, and open-ended responses segmented by groups. In addition, a one-hour video/phone consultation of the survey report is made available at no cost.

Third-party analysis of factors is critical to your work and provides objective insight into issues that need to be addressed. Our tools bring clarity to a multiplicity of issues impacting your ability to fulfill your mission. It is easier to administrate change when everyone is operating from the same starting point.

Objectivity. Clarity. Unity.

Understandable Data Analysis

Why Is SchoolRIGHT Right for You?

From start to finish, SchoolRIGHT is the survey partner you need to help you objectively understand the attitudes and opinions of your constituents and address the issues that matter most to your mission focus. Our surveys . . .

  • ​Provide objective insight into issues that need to be addressed.

  • Uncover areas of neglect.

  • Point school's toward opportunities for increased excellence.

  • Bring everyone to the same point of discussion.  

  • Help unpack data in an easy and useable format.

  • Satisfy many accreditation requirements.


Used by Christian, private, and charter schools, worldwide, we are geared to what you do. We don't dabble in other survey types. Your school is our priority!


​Capistrano Valley Christian (CA)
Covenant Christian Academy (TX)
Desert Christian (AZ)
Grapevine Faith (TX)
Gilead Christian (OH)
Laurel Hall (CA)
Monte Vista Christian (CA)
Mount Tabor (MO
Pacifica Christian High (CA)

​Redlands Christian (CA)
Rock Springs Christian (GA)
Southeast Christian (CO)
Spartanburg Prep (NC)
Summit Christian (MO)
The Village Christian Academy (NC)
Traders Point Christian (IN)
Wayne Christian Academy (GA)
​Westside Christian Academy (OH)
Wheaton Academy (IL)

Cahaya Bangsa (Indonesia)
Christian Community (Santo Domingo)
El Colegio de Panama
Jewels Leading Light Academy (Nigeria)
The Dewey Schools (Vietnam)
Nicaragua Christian Academy
Quisqueya Christian (Haiti)
Royal Family Academy (Nigeria)

The data we gain from the SchoolRIGHT surveys has allowed our leadership team to be strategic about improvements. We have used this information for steady progress on schoolwide improvement.

Brian Bell | Redlands Christian Schools, CA