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Proprietary survey tools specifically designed for the school environment.

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Conducting Professional Surveys Each Year Typically Leads to Overall Improvement and Increased Levels of Satisfaction


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Abstract Background

The Parent & Employee Survey (PES) will help school leaders better understand their true areas of strength and challenge based on the attitudes and opinions of Parent/Guardian & Employee participants from a series of general and division-specific questions, ideal for ​​Accreditation review, Goal, initiative, and tuition setting, Monitoring mission impact and success, Understanding parent enrollment factors, Assessing staff working conditions, Norming your school against others.

An Easy-to-Understand & Useable Report

Our thorough, easy-to-read, and understandable report will help you make wise decisions to help your school move forward to greater excellence and impact. A personalized review of the data will not tell your leadership what to do, but will enable them to make wise and informed decisions based on data.

Easy to Read Reports

Executive Summary, Statistical, & Verbatim
with Video & Live Reviews

"The insight we gained from the SchoolRight survey we conducted about parental satisfaction was phenomenal. This was the best information I have ever seen about what our parents were thinking."

Board Member, Wheaton Academy | IL


Connecting Dots

Our Leadership Assessment, the TSL 360, is a practice-based, research-validated framework, created by Dr. Toby A. Travis. The TSL 360 measures leadership strengths based on six essential components of leadership, which, when present, foster high levels of trust. TrustED® guides leaders through a proven data-driven process of improvement that results in highly trusted work and learning environments.  LEARN MORE...

The Board Self-Assessment is designed to assist school governing bodies in gauging the consistency of viewpoint, role, function, and effectiveness. Its aim is to foster meaningful internal conversations and identify potential opportunities for training and growth. This assessment serves as the ideal companion for completion within the TSL 360 timeframe.


Networking Group

The CIALE (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Learning Environment) Training Methods Survey is a comprehensive researched-validated survey tool that features 72 practice-based questions regarding the implementation of educational best practices. School leaders and teachers will clearly understand their unique strengths and challenges regarding the consistency of their methods from an objective, supportive viewpoint.

The TSDI is a self-assessment that helps teachers gain an understanding of their IDENTITY, VALIDITY, and CREDIBILITY. Launch into deep learning of pedagogy, philosophy of education, and reflection through identifying your personal strengths as a teacher. We offer a free personalized results report and two paid full reports. LEARN MORE...

  • Understand your impact on students.

  • Enhance engagement.

  • Improve teaching effectiveness.

  • Increase self-assurance.

  • Strengthen self-analysis and introspection.


Choir Performance


We have used data from SchoolRIGHT Surveys for steady progress on schoolwide improvement.

Students Going Upstairs


The information we receive is very useful and an integral part of our continuous improvement.



SchoolRIGHT surveys deliver reliable insight into where we are doing well and where we need to head.


High School Friends

Perhaps more than anyone, students understand the direction of the school in practical matters of its daily focus. They engage in hallway talk, hear about teacher and subject matter impact, and so much more. Yet, their voice is often neglected. Our student survey is time-tested and used in a variety of school settings to help school leaders understand how students perceive their experience at school, the place they spend the majority of their waking hours!

Entrust your surveys to external professionals with specialized skills, ensuring rigorous methodologies and unbiased analyses fostering a culture of transparency and credibility, and yielding results that guide meaningful improvements.

Data on a Touch Pad

Special Packages

Conduct multiple survey types in a school year and save.  Receive even greater discounts with a multi-year agreement. Contact us for information!


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