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for Comprehensive School Surveys

Our proprietary survey tools are specifically designed for the school environment. You won't find a better partner than SchoolRIGHT! The joy is in the journey. Leave the navigation to us.


Our surveys ensure impartial and unbiased data collection for accurate and reliable results.


Our surveys ensure precise understanding of key issues, powering effective solutions.



Our surveys help align vision, collaboration, decision-making, and cohesiveness .


Parent & Employee Survey

The Parent & Employee Survey (PES) will help school leaders better understand their true areas of strength and challenge based on the attitudes and opinions of Parent/Guardian & Employee participants from a series of general and division-specific questions, ideal for ​​Accreditation review, Goal, initiative, and tuition setting, Monitoring mission impact and success, Understanding parent enrollment factors, Assessing staff working conditions, Norming your school against others.

An Easy-to-Understand & Useable Report

Our thorough, easy-to-read, and understandable report will help you make wise decisions to help your school move forward to greater excellence and impact. A personalized review of the data will not tell your leadership what to do, but will enable them to make wise and informed decisions based on data.

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The TrustED® Leader 360 Assessment

This practice-based, research-validated framework allows schools to measure leadership strengths. The "TSL 360" is based on six essential components of leadership, which, when present, foster high levels of trust. TrustED® guides leaders through a proven data-driven process of improvement that results in highly trusted work and learning environments. 

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TrustED Book Cover

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Dr. Toby A. Travis, TrustED Creator

  • Author of the award-winning book “TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement” available on Amazon.

  • Creator and developer of the “TrustED 360 and the TrustED School Leader 360” assessments.

  • Writer and columnist with articles and work featured in Forbes, CEOWorld Magazine, eSchool News, Authority Magazine, Businessing Magazine, The Knowledge Source, Medium, numerous podcasts, NPR, and more.


​*Trademark Notice: TrustED® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reg. No. 5,844,342.

CIALE Teacher Methods Survey

Teachers should provide the largest “voice” in identifying their perceived current practice and improvement needs. When teachers are provided that “voice,” the result is a higher level of engagement.

The Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Learning Environment Training Methods Survey (C.I.A.L.E.) is a comprehensive researched-validated survey tool that features 72 practice-based questions regarding the implementation of educational best practices. School leaders and teachers will clearly understand their unique strengths and challenges regarding the consistency of their methods from an objective, supportive viewpoint.

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Teacher Self-Discovery Inventory (TSDI)

Understand your IDENTITY, VALIDITY, and CREDIBILITY as a teacher, through the TSDI.


Launch into deep learning of pedagogy, philosophy of education, and reflection through identifying your personal strengths as a teacher.

  • Understand your impact on students.

  • Enhance engagement.

  • Improve teaching effectiveness.

  • Increase self-assurance.

  • Strengthen self-analysis and introspection.

Kjell Fenn, M.Ed, M.A., Author &  TSDI innovator

  • An internationally known thought leader in pedagogical methods, classroom management, and professional development strategies.

  • Senior Consultant with the GLOBAL School Consulting Group. 

  • You can purchase his book, Engage: Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom, on Amazon.

Engage Book TSDI KFenn Education
6-12 Student Survey

It is no surprise that students are the primary reason schools aim to improve, make course adjustments, add classroom space, discuss teaching methods, and so much more. Perhaps more than anyone, students understand the direction of the school in practical matters of its daily focus. They engage in hallway talk, hear about teacher and subject matter impact, and so much more. Yet, their voice is often neglected. Our student survey is time-tested and used in a variety of school settings to help school leaders understand how students perceive their experience at school, the place they spend the majority of their waking hours!


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