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Thousands of satisfied parents, and school leaders.

Unmatched in Insights, Customer Care, and Results

The Most Affordable Tuition Aid Verification on the Planet!

BeneFAQ is a secure online application that provides schools with an affordable, up-to-date, and on-time assessment of a family's financial condition and ability to make tuition payments. 

Our concise and comprehensive verification process assures accuracy of need, takes the guesswork out of granting tuition aid, and helps keep schools in compliance with IRS requirements.

Why Spend What Other Companies Charge? BeneFAQ keeps its prices affordable for schools and parents, and we don't hide what we charge. Schools pay an annual fee of just $40 (plus a one-time setup fee of $25), while the online application fee for parents is $35. 

A Human Team, Not AI

While our process is formula-driven, there are real humans on the other end who will tend to all questions with care and attention. 

Accountant at Work
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