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TrustEd Leadership Dr. Toby Travis Lecture

Measure your business, organizational, or school improvement.

Dr. Toby Travis TrustED

TrustED® is a practice based and research-validated framework that allows you to measure your business, organizational, or school improvement. It's grounded in data-informed leadership personnel and professional development. The framework is based on six essential components of leadership, which, when present, foster high levels of trust.

TrustED includes the following:

  • Evidence-based assessments that establish a baseline for professional development and goal-setting, followed by ongoing monitoring to ensure growth.

  • Individualized coaching and customized team training modules based on the unique needs and opportunities for improvement identified through the assessments.

  • Strategic organizational improvement action planning based on short-term benchmarks, ensuring rapid yet incremental focused improvements.

TrustED® guides leaders through a proven data-driven process of improvement that results in highly trusted work and learning environments.

School Administrator Conference

"I appreciated the interactive elements of  Dr. Travis’ training, as well as the customization driven by the TrustED® Assessment. I believe this training is ideal for school leadership teams to complete together the assessment as well as designing a practical action plan.”

​Kristopher Brown, Asst. Principal | Strath Haven High School | Wallingford, PA

Dr. Toby A. Travis, Founder of TrustED

*Trademark Notice: TrustED® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Reg. No. 5,844,342.

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