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Reviewing Reports at Desk
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Research shows that the number one indicator of successful organizations, businesses, schools, and classrooms is trusted leadership.

In collaboration with SchoolRIGHT, LLC, Dr. Toby A. Travis has developed self-assessment tools for organizational and business leaders, academic or school leaders, and teachers (who are leaders in their classrooms).

The assessments provide you with a scorecard on the six components of trusted leadership as detailed in the book, "TrustED: The Bridge to School Improvement," available at Amazon.

The self-assessment is FREE. That means it's yours to use and share with others however you see fit. We hope you find these tools helpful!

PLEASE PRINT YOUR SCORE PAGE WHEN IT IS PROVIDED since data from the self-assessments is not reported in any other form.

The TrustED® Self-Assessments are based on a research-validated and practice-based framework for business, organization, and school improvement via the development of skill sets and competencies in developing, maintaining, and protecting trusted relationships with all stakeholders. 

NOTE: These self-assessments are tools for reflection only and do not provide qualitative or quantitative data regarding an individual’s level of trust. For reliable data to drive improvement and professional development, utilize a 360 survey of all employees. 

Click one of the TrustED® Self-Assessments below to get started.

Academic Leadership

Organization, Business, and School Heads


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