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Giving schools the freedom to focus on what matters most...

nurturing children in gospel-centric education.  

Chrisitan Schools Should Never
"Copy & Paste"

New Schools

Our team looks at your community needs, your financial situation, and your student base. We then customize a biblically-based and financially feasible education paradigm that can accommodate all grades and a myriad of learners on the first day.  Our intentionally Christian & classical form of education fits all learners, from the academically gifted to the cognitively struggling students.

Existing Schools

We are grateful for the work done by the classical Christian education movement over the past decades.  Our goal is to build on this foundation by adapting the classical model to fit each community's needs and resources. Concordis works to limit subjects and train schools in solid pedagogy. 

Harmonizing Education

At Concordis, we believe the gospel informs both the form and content of education. We help schools pursue academic excellence and mercy together in a single classroom. 


It's all in your hands now. We got you here! Take the next step today and contact Concordis.

(208) 892-9925

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