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Smart Decisions New Christian School Teachers Make, #2: Teachers as Customer Service Agents

Teachers may only think of themselves as purveyors of knowledge, disseminators of truth, champions for learning! All very good things. But, how does a teacher’s role fit into the overall scheme of the school mission, vision, and appeal in the community? Teachers are the front line of every Christian school. Without them the school is bankrupt in instruction. Without quality teachers, who view their role more broadly than the classroom, the Christian school will probably make an inconsequential impact on the greater community.

Christian school teachers should see themselves as agents for the greater cause of Christian schooling. They are advocates for a Biblical worldview, and the window through which most outsiders will develop an opinion of the school. When prospective parents visit the school, it should be arranged for a teacher or two to meet and spend a few, special, planned minutes with the family. Teachers are the heartbeat of the school and they should see their position and calling as vital to the marketing of the school. It is incumbent upon administration to remind teachers and staff on a regular basis about the mission and vision of the school, sharing any special new developments from the board, marketing, admissions, etc., that invariably you want them to be able to share with others as they can. This will keep the staff informed and ready to speak in general about directions of the school to those with whom they have contact. Teachers are perhaps the biggest marketing group you have in the school. Inform them well and don’t allow them to ever feel inadequately prepared to share with visitors or those they meet elsewhere the great benefits of the school. ​© by SchoolRIGHT, LLC., unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved.