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Being A Leader In Times of Crisis

by Alfredo Enrique Umaña​ This is the time to go from being an owner, manager or supervisor, to being a leader. According to James Plueddemann, leaders must move from an egocentric practice to an other-centric practice; we must take the initiative to focus, harmonize, and push the talents of others into action.

According to Gallup, employees want their leaders to meet their four fundamental needs in times of crisis: 1. Trust: Employees want to be involved in decision-making and be cared for with the policies, protocols and equipment necessary to maintain their health. 2. Compassion: Employees want their particular realities to be heard first, before they are ready to discuss the fulfillment of their job duties. 3. Stability: Employees require clear instructions for the day or week and frequent communication to encourage them. 4. Hope: Employees prefer to be honestly presented with perspectives, both the problems and solutions that can be considered, and the accomplishments that can be expected. We must attend to these needs whether our collaborators are working from home or are already back at the company’s facilities. It is by paying attention to these needs that we will achieve greater productivity, while dealing with the uncertainty of the moment. ​We will move forward together!

Alfredo Umaña Senior Consultant GLOBAL School Consulting Group


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