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The Need for School Board Self-Assessment

There are so many obligations the private school-board must be part of on a regular basis, regardless of the operational model within which they function. Typically, one of the last details they may even consider, if ever, is assessing themselves as a group and the work they are doing.

The board self-assessment is perhaps the most significant way a board can take an honest look at themselves, and by their own transparency to one another and to the structure they have put in place for the governance of the school, be honest about their own areas in need of improvement. The board self-assessment is meant to be board's opportunity to do its own internal inspection of themselves. This is completed by the board members only, for their own scrutiny and evaluation. Boards that use a systematic self-assessment process agree that it should be continuous (year to year) and that it primarily is used to help them recognize when it is not in-step with its own policies. Board self-assessment, from our vantage point, should be required by the board on an annual basis to help identify any gaps in performance and function and to then undertake the needed changes in training to improve upon or completely close those gaps. It is incumbent upon the board to govern themselves and to reflect critically on their own role and function regardless of their overall governance model. When a school board doesn't follow its own policies of operation and organizational integrity they undermine the HOS and what they have hired that person to accomplish for the school. An undisciplined school board will cause the school the struggle in many ways. However, a board that commits to an annual self-assessment is a board who desires to be honest, transparent, and as healthy as possible in their critical role of leadership. The self-assessment report we provide will cover:

  • Board Demographic (status, term, frequency of involvement)

  • Ratings of Mission, Visions, Values, Plans, Ends (how well understood)

  • Rating on Budget (providing for a viable future, fair and adequate compensation structure, etc)

  • Rating on Trust (as found in relationships)

  • Rating on Satisfaction (with various functions, roles, etc)

  • Rating on General areas

To inquire or learn more about this process, please reach out to us at 888.339.7509 or complete this CONTACT FORM. © by SchoolRIGHT, LLC., unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved


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